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Artistic concept:

“PhiloPhoto” was born from the meeting of two disciplines, Philosophy and Photography, which come together to form a unit from which emerges a dialogue, a tension between an image and a concept.

In this dialogue, the concept is never the description of the image, and the image is not the illustration of the concept. The dialogue illustrates the complementarity and not the opposition between Philosophy and Photography.

The image is situated in the immediacy. It is a global and instantaneous perception.
The concept, the idea needs to be processed in a time frame, each part having its own pace.

The result is a work that is recognizable but not entirely, understood but not totally. A bit like a mixture between water and oil, something that exists only in permanent instability.

From this emerges a tension, a paradox and a question mark. The aim is to raise a question in the viewer, and the essential answers are always to be found within us. It’s an internal journey.

A photograph can be a work of art or not. If the photograph only represents the subjectivity of the photographer, his emotions and opinions, it will not be a work of art because beauty is by essence universal, objective and not subjective. As no human being is perfect, no artistic production is completely subjective, nor completely objective. In other words, we cannot reach artistic perfection, but we can get closer to it every time. This is how we understand and wish to promote, through this contest, the relationship between the Artistic Way and the Philosophical Way.


Wisdom unlike knowledge is the ability to discover within oneself a connection to what connects us all as Human Beings.  An essence of human values that define all people regardless of race, gender or nationality


Art in its most profound state is a pathway to the Ideal of beauty which lies in the core of the Human Being as well as the Universe as a whole.
Art “invites” and “calls” the artist within to travel upon this path and to discover the most inner and spiritual part of himself


Alongside Ideals such as Justice and Truth, Beauty is not merely a personal interpretation of reality but an Ideal embedded in Nature which is all around us and also within us.  Throughout human history, Man has always sought Beauty in all its forms which were reflected in Art


PhiloPhoto Photography Contest


Join us in celebrating the profound artistry of photography in the Philo-Photo Philosophical Contest – Unity through Diversity.

Are you a seeker of depth and meaning in your photographic journey? Do you yearn to convey wisdom and beauty through your visual creations? Now is your opportunity to share a message emanating from the depths of your heart and your explorations with shapes, hues, and light.

The Philo-Photo Philosophical Contest delves into the synergy between the wisdom of the heart and the wisdom of the eye – between our intuition and the ability to connect to the essence of our being and the technique. It embraces the fusion of heart and eye, where photography becomes a conduit for expressing our essence and the beauty surrounding us. This contest is an ode to the ideals of beauty and wisdom cultivated within and reflected in our artistry.

The contest was created by New Acropolis, an international organisation that fosters timeless values for individual and collective growth through philosophy, culture, and volunteering.
This contest invites photographers worldwide to embark on a journey of philosophical exploration through the lens.


Renata Teodori

National Secretary of Youth SENAJU, of the Ministry of Education (Peru)
I congratulate New Acropolis for the beautiful PhiloPhoto contest, I consider it to be an artistic expression of great value. I am sure that once again New Acropolis contributes to culture.

Dr Vishal V. Sharma

Ambassador & Permanent Representative of India to UNESCO
“A photo captures an infinitesimal moment from the almost infinite passage of time and saves it for eternity. I congratulate New Acropolis for having organised the PhiloPhoto contest. Recently, UNESCO organised the World Conference on Culture And Arts Education to celebrate it as a unifying force that inspires an individual to unite with entire humanity.”

Paula Gómez Jorge

Art historian and independent curator - The Dominican Republic
Photography as an artistic language has a unique capacity to transmit stories, emotions and experiences. The Philo -Photo Photography Contest is extremely meaningful in celebrating the richness of cultural diversity and highlighting our shared human experiences.


We have a wide variety of prizes


  • Grand Prize: Photographer of the Year
  • Honorable Mention Winners of the Year


  • Grand Prize: $1.200 for overall Winner
  • 2nd Place Prize:  $900
  • 3rd Place Prize:  $600


  • Downloadable Certificates for all Winners and HM
  • Online Gallery Showcase for the Winners and HM





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