Dear friends,

We are excited about this new initiative – a worldwide photography competition organised by NA – and looking forward to it. The essence of this competition is to create a platform on which the participants and the audience can experience the spirit of wisdom and beauty expressed through the photos themselves.

Currently, we are actively promoting the competition worldwide.
If you have professional connections within the field and believe they would be willing to assist in promoting and distributing information or sponsoring the competition, we would appreciate it greatly if you could share them with us.

Connections to promote/distribute the competition may include:

  • Individuals involved in photography
  • Proprietors or educators of photography schools
  • Art institutions
  • Camera-related businesses
  • Photography accessory stores
  • Contributors to photography blogs, among others.

Connections to sponsoring the contest may include:

  • Camera companies/accessories
  • Travel airlines/companies that work in multiple countries
  • Associations related to the theme of the competition (UN, One Earth, etc.)
  • Software editing (Canva, Time Out, Adobe, etc.)
  • Phone companies
  • Data storage/cards/ streaming
  • Websites platforms
  • Photo printers
  • TV/radio station
  • And many more

To facilitate this process, please complete the form provided with the relevant information and submit it at your earliest convenience.
We sincerely appreciate your valuable contribution to this initiative.

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