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Bertrand Vergely (France)

“I support the international photography competition Philo-Photo of New Acropolis.

The coincidence between the eye that sees and what is seen: the magic of photography. The coincidence between the One and the many: the light of life.”

Bertrand Vergely

Renata Teodori (Peru)
National Secretary of Youth SENAJU, of the Ministry of Education

“I congratulate New Acropolis for the beautiful PhiloPhoto contest, I consider it to be an artistic expression of great value.

I am sure that once again New Acropolis contributes to culture”

Renata Teodori

His Excellency Vishal V. Sharma (India)
Ambassador & Permanent Representative of India to UNESCO

“A photo captures an infinitesimal moment from the almost infinite passage of time and saves it for eternity.

I congratulate New Acropolis for having organised the PhiloPhoto contest. Recently, UNESCO organised the World Conference on Culture And Arts Education to celebrate it as a unifying force that inspires an individual to unite with entire humanity.”

His Excellency Vishal V. Sharma

Soledad Santelices (Ecuador)
Director-Film Producer

“While cinema is the possibility of sculpting in time (Tarkovsky), photography is all the frames in a single impact, it is the ability to condense reality in a single shot, that decisive Instant (Cartier Bresson).

Congratulations to New Acropolis for this contest that will allow us to participate in that moment capable of transmitting Unity Through Diversity. Philosophical and artistic exercise increasingly necessary in such a turbulent world.”

Soledad Santelices

Paula Gómez Jorge
(Dominican Republic)

Art historian and independent curator

“Photography as an artistic language has a unique capacity to transmit stories, emotions and experiences.

The Philo -Photo Photography Contest is extremely meaningful in celebrating the richness of cultural diversity and highlighting our shared human experiences.”

Paula Gómez Jorge

Professor TRINH XUAN Thuan (France)
Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, United States.

“As a sky photographer, I approve the initiative of this photography contest.”

Trịnh Xuân Thuận
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